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″My birth, growing up and getting education in Nakhchivan are dear for me. But the dearest of all these are my living and working here together with you  from 1990 till 1993".  H. Aliyev













Heydar Alirza oglu Aliyev was born on the 10- th of may 1923 in the city of  Nakhchivan. After graduating  from the  Nakhchivan Pedagogical technical  school in 1939 he studied at the faculty of architecture of Azerbaijan Industrial Institute (now Azerbaijan state oil Academy). Since 1941 Heydar Aliyev  worked in the People Commissariat for  internal  affairs  of Naxhchivan Autonomous Sovite Socialist Republic (Naxhchivan ASSR) and asa department head in People Commissars′ Soviet of Nakhchivan ASSR. In may 1944 he was sent to work in State Security Commitee by Nakhchivan Regional Party Commitee. In those years he has got special high education in Leningrad (now Sankt- Petersbaurg), in 1957 he graduated  from the history faculty of Azerbaijan state University. Since 1964 he worked as Deputy chief of the state Security  Commitee by Soviet of ministers of Azerbaijan SSR and since 1967 he was a chief of this Commitee and was promoted to the rank of major general.

At the Plenum of the Central Commitee (CC) of Azerbaijan Communist Party (CP) on 14-th of  July 1969 H. Aliyev was elected the First secretary of CC of Azerbaijan CP and was the leader of republic. Electing the candidate  to membership of the Political Bureau in November 1982,  H. Aliyev was promoted to the First Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of ministers of the USSR  and was one of the leaders of the Soviet Union.

          Promoting to the high leadership of huge state  as the USSR H. Aliyev demonstrated an unexampled talant  of state management and ability.

          On the 21- st of October 1987  H. Aliyev resigned from his posts minding to the  wrong  policy of the CC of the CP of the  Soviet Union and personally of the secretary general Mikhail Gorbachov and his antiazerbaijan policy.

          Connected with bloody   tragedy  procreated by Soviet troops in Baku on the 20-th of January 1990 H. Aliyev had a speech with the declaration in Azerbaijani representation in Moscow next day and made depends to punish the organizers and executors who had created the crime against Azerbaijan people.

          Connected with sharp disputed position created in Mountainous Garabagh and protesting to hypocritical policy of the USSR leadership he left the rows of the Communist Party of  the Soviet Union on the 19-th of July 1991.

          For saving his native people from national- political disaster whirl  H. Aliyev returned to Azerbaijan in July 1990. Coming first to Baku, then to Nakhchivan in the same year he was      elected a deputy to the supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan and to the supreme Soviet of Nakhchivan ASSR.

          Years 1991- 1993 when H. Aliyev worked as the speaker of the  Supreme Soviet of Nakhchivan ASSR is the difficult and at the same time  significant period of social, economical and cultural development of Autonomous Republic. In this period H. Aliyev firstly sowed Nakhchivan AR from the armed aggression of Armenia and from the invading danger.

          According to his initiative the  Supreme Soviet of Nakhchivan ASSR decided to take out the words ″ soviet, socialist″  from the name of autonomous republic, to adopt a tricolors flag of Azerbaijan people�s  Republic as the state flag of Nakhchivan autonomous Republic. Economical ties  were created with neighbor  countries  Turkey and Iran, the bridges ″Umid″ (″Hope″) and ″Shahtakhty- Poldesht″ were built. On November 21 on the conference of the new Azerbaijan party (NAP) in Nakhchivan  H. Aliyev was elected the chairman of this party.

          In may - June 1993 when the danger of the citizen war and the losing  of the independence were created in Azerbaijan connecting with last degreed intensification of power crises Azerbaijan people stood up with  the demand of  H. Aliyev ′s  coming to the power.

          On the 15-th of June 1993 H. Aliyev was elected the speaker of the Supreme Soviet of the Azerbaijan Republic. That day entered to the history of Azerbaijan people as a Salvation Day. And on June 24 H. Aliyev began  to execute the powers of the President of Azerbaijan Republic in result of the decision of the national assembly (Milli Majlis). On the 3-rd of October  1993 H. Aliyev was elected the President of the Azerbaijan Republic in result of public voting. On October 11  1998 he was elected the President of the Azerbaijan Republic for the second time in elections held in conditions of high activity of  Azerbaijan  people.

          H. Aliyev has died on the 12-th of December 2003 in the City of Cleveland in the United States of America and was buried in the Honorary alley in Baku. His grave has turned to the holy place for pilgrimage of value Azerbaijan people.

         H. Aliyev was honored with a number of international prizes, the title of honorary doctor of the Universities of different countries and another high honorary titles. He was awarded with Lenin order (4 times), the order of Red star and many medals, was honored with the title of ″Hero of Socialist Labour″ (in 1979 and 1983), was awarded with the orders and medals of a number of foreign states. In honor  of the architector and founder of independent state of Azerbaijan an April 22 the order of ″Heydar Aliyev″ was instituted.

        The historical  destiny of Azerbaijan in last 30 years is fast connected  with  H. Aliyev name and his statehood activity. During these years public- political, economical and cultural development took place in our country, az-n stood a heavy and hard test, it lived and has joined a progress, has turned to a leader state in the region. H. Aliyev is declared as national wide leader by az-n people.






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