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″My birth, growing up and getting education in Nakhchivan are dear for me. But the dearest of all these are my living and working here together with you  from 1990 till 1993".  H. Aliyev



          The life of great leader  H. Aliyev has always covered in a service to Azerbaijan people. The obvious case of these are decisions written with own hand of great leader.

         191 different official documents and orders adopted by national wide leader in the first (years 1969-1982) and the second (1993 - 2003) periods of his leadership connecting with the progress of Nakhchivan AR are demonstrated in the museum of  Heydar Aliyev in Naxhchivan City.

          Years 1990 - 1993 when honorable H. Aliyev lived  and had a political activity in Nakhchivan  is the important stage of political and statehood  history of Azerbaijan. Just in this period historical decisions were  adopted with the initiative and under leadership of great leader, the words ″ Soviet, socialist″ were taken out of the name of autonomous republic, tricolor flag of the Azerbaijan. People�s Republic, was adopted as a state flag of Nakhchivan  AR, economical ties were created with neighbors Turkey and Iran, agrarian reforms were put into practice, important steps were taken in on area of the creating of national army.

         Decisions  adopted by great leader H. Aliyev are valuable  gifts to our national statehood history.





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